Anna Grigorieva

Anna Grigorieva



Russian Patent Attorney, No. 755
Eurasian Patent Attorney, No. 389

Anna Grigorieva

- Founder and CEO, Managing Partner of the VASH PATENT Intellectual Property Agency

- Member of the Intellectual Property Council at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- Court expert

Anna Grigorieva has been heading the VASH PATENT Intellectual Property Agency, a law firm with an extensive experience in industrial property and copyright for more than 16 years. The Company provides assistance and support at all stages of interaction: from the initial consultation, developing and filing applications to Russian or foreign patent authorities, conducting any exclusive patent studies, to representing in the Chamber for Patent Disputes, courts of any level, and in antimonopoly service.

Anna Grigorieva can perfectly understand, analyze and clearly define what exactly does the company’s client need: what exactly do they expect, and how this can be implemented in the most optimal manner; what advice or action is possible immediately to develop the client’s business in future. The expertise of Anna Grigorieva is measured by years of practice and hundreds of expert examinations conducted upon requests from clients.


Member of the following international professional associations:

International Trademark Association (INTA)

INTA is a global non-profit association of brand owners and intellectual property experts to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovations. INTA has educational programs in the field of trademarks and shares its information and analytics. The Association members are more than 32 thousands of professionals representing major international corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, law firms and non-profit organizations, as well as representatives of government agencies.

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

AIPPI is the world leader among international organizations dedicated to the safeguarding and protection of intellectual property. It includes more than 8000 legal professionals, patent attorneys, scientists and practitioners from more than 100 countries worldwide. AIPPI’s main objective is to strengthen, develop, and improve the protection of intellectual property on both international and national bases.

International Licensing Executives Society (LES International)

LES International is an international organization in the field of intellectual property, which purpose is to improve the world welfare through licensing, which is properly controlled to ensure justice and law. The Society’s members are representatives of industrial companies, law and consulting firms, scientific, financial, state and commercial organizations, who deal with technology licensing and other aspects of intellectual property transfer.