Litigations and disputes regarding intellectual property rights

Protection of intellectual property rights

Unauthorized use of a trademark, appellation of origin, patent, copyright without permission from a right holder violates the holder’s exclusive rights.

Unfortunately, even registration of the results of intellectual activity cannot fully guarantee from their use without right holder’s permission. Due to the tough business competition, infringement cases when unfair competitors use others’ intellectual property for commercial purposes become more and more frequent.

If right holder’s exclusive rights are infringed by third parties, the right holder can initiate a lawsuit to prevent these actions. We can help challenge the refusal of Rospatent (Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property) to register intellectual properties. For this purpose, we use the Chamber for Patent Disputes, Intellectual Property Court and other courts and administrative institutions.

Our company is a whole team of legal professionals and patent attorneys with a vast experience of successful protection of both copyrights and all types of intellectual property rights. Extensive experience, hundreds of won cases, perfect understanding of all minute legal details guarantee positive outcome under the case in favor of our client.

Our services include:

  • Protection of trademark or patent (invention, utility model, industrial design) rights in courts and administrative authorities.
  • Protection of rights for computer programs in courts and administrative authorities.
  • Copyright protection.
  • Protection of rights in antimonopoly authority (Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service).
  • Disputes regarding domains.
  • Cancellation of trademarks, patents.
  • Challenging the application-related decisions of Rospatent in the “Chamber for Patent Disputes” or in court.
  • Challenging the decisions of antimonopoly authority (Federal Antimonopoly Service) in court.
  • Protection against unfair competition.
  • Combating parallel (“gray”) import.
  • Protection of business reputation

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