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Legal representation in courts and disputes

Our team of high-class legal professionals and patent attorneys has a vast successful experience in protection and safeguarding of any types of intellectual property. We represent our clients in economic courts, general jurisdiction courts, and administrative authorities both in Russia and abroad.

VASH PATENT experts use the most efficient, proven, legally acceptable and effective methods for copyright protection, which enables them to resolve issues of any complexity level, thus successfully protecting the rights and financial interests of our clients. To this end, we always try to predict the expected stance of the opponent, consider the risk of appearance of any new circumstances not known earlier. We analyze both the current situation and the tendencies and risks related to changes in legislation and legal practice.

We always provide our clients with unbiased information regarding possible outcomes of their cases. Our clients appreciate openness of our consultants who are always ready to discuss and coordinate the logic behind the sequence of our lawyers’ actions.

The efficiency of the legal services rendered by VASH PATENT is guaranteed by many years of court practice, expert knowledge, deserved reputation and endless privacy.

In 2022, we have won 188 cases related to protection of exclusive intellectual property rights and to disputes regarding the state authorities’ decisions.

Among these: 88 were related to trademarks, 71 were related to patents, and 29 were related to copyrights and other subjects. Damages recovered in favor of our clients from violators of exclusive intellectual property rights amount to more than 11 million dollars..

VASH PATENT is ranked in the following lists:

  • TOP-5 legal companies that successfully represent client interests in the “Intellectual Property Court”
  • TOP-5 companies in PRAVO 300 federal rating, in the field of “Intellectual Property” / Protection of Rights and Legal Disputes
  • TOP-list of Kommersant Publishing House Federal Rating, “Legal Services Market Leaders” in the legal industry “Intellectual Property” / Resolution of Disputes Related to Intellectual Property

Our success and achievements regarding representation of client interests in courts and disputes regarding intellectual property have been acknowledged by international legal professionals

Our work is highly appreciated:

  • The Legal 500 – international legal rating – has listed us among the winners in the field of Intellectual Property
  • Leaders League – international rating for international TOP-managers – has acknowledged our services in copyright and industrial property safeguarding and protection.

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