Copyright, software code and databases

What is “copyright”?

Copyright means the relations that appear due to creation and use of works of science, literature and art. Copyright includes property and non-property rights.

Copyright appears since the moment of the product creation and requires no registration or other formalities. However, if rights are infringed, certificate of registration of (non-property) rights will serve an additional evidence in favor of the author.

Copyright items include:

  • Literary works
  • Dramatic and musical drama works
  • Stage works (scenarios)
  • Choreography and mime works
  • Musical works with or without text
  • Audio-visual works
  • Paintings, sculptures, graphic works and other works of visual art
  • Applied art works
  • Works of architecture, urban development, design and garden art
  • Photographic works and works obtained by other methods similar to photography
  • Maps, layouts, sketches, illustrations and 3D-works related to geography, topography and other sciences
  • Computer programs
  • Other works

Protection of Computer programs applies to all types of software (including operating systems, mobile applications, etc.) that can be expressed in any language and in any form including source text and object code.

Depositing service is an effective method of protection (without issuing a patent): here, the owner gives a copy of its object to a storage of special institution, which registers the fact of such transfer and the owner’s name. The outcome of the depositing procedure is issuing a depositing certificate, which can be further used as a proof of right acquisition.

Copyright in Russia is valid throughout the author’s life and 70 years afterwards

Our services include:

  • Registration of copyright with Russian Authors Society (RAO), Russian copyright company Copyrus
  • Registration of Computer programs, databases, mobile applications with Rospatent (Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property), Russian Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media
  • Registration of copyright within Russia and abroad – in the US Library of Congress
  • Development of documents and management of the entire document exchange with the registering authorities
  • Representation of the client in courts and administrative authorities in case of copyright disputes


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