Trademarks and Service marks

Trademark is a distinctive designation of products

Tough market competition forces the companies to make their products and services unique, recognizable and easy to remember.

A trademark distinguishes your products and services from similar ones present in the market; it allows the products to stand out and protects them from copying or exploiting by competitors.

Service marks have a similar function to individualize the services: they help differentiating works and services of some companies from similar works and services of others.

Legal protection of trademarks is provided to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Main types of trademarks:

  • verbal (words, letter combinations, phrases and sentences)
  • graphic, including original images of living creatures, items, natural and other objects, as well as figures of any shape, compositions of lines and/or spots of any color or color combination (graphic elements, logo, design, picture)
  • combined (including both image and text)
  • 3D (3D objects, shapes, 3D-models)

Trademark registration is a special standardized procedure to secure uniqueness of your products and/or services. The registration is performed by Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property)

Trademark or service mark registration is valid for 10 years since the date of application; this term can be prolonged without limitation, in 10-year-long increments.

Trademark owner is obliged to use it. Trademark right can be canceled, if the owner did not use the trademark for three years after its registration.

Having registered a trademark, you will become its owner and will get an exclusive use right.

After registration of the trademark, you will be able to protect it from competitors. If your rights are violated, you can appeal to courts or law enforcement agencies, including Federal Antimonopoly Service, and Chamber for Patent Disputes, etc.

Trademark registration is one of the main businesses of VASH PATENT.

Our services include:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Preliminary search (check for analogs) plus report preparation
  • Development of the necessary documents and application for registration
  • Management of documentation flow at all stages
  • Development and registration of license agreement, alienation agreement, and franchise agreement
  • Listing a trademark within the Russian and Eurasian Trademark Registers
  • International registration of trademarks
  • Representation of the client’s interests in disputes related to trademarks in courts and administrative authorities
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